Meet Amanda Saab, the First Hijab-Wearing TV Chef in the U.S.

By Qimmah Saafir May 21, 2015

Dearborn, Michigan, native Amanda Saab is set to become the first hijab-wearing chef on American primetime television as she participates in the upcoming season of Fox’s “MasterChef.” Saab, who is also a social worker, shared some of her thoughts with

Baking since the age of 3, in her adulthood Saab began cooking as a form of retreat. 

After I began my career in social work, I needed an outlet; a way to process the traumas and grief that I had witnessed. I would come home to prepare dinner and would feel better. 

The blossoming chef hopes to combat stereotypes with her culinary career. 

As with any profession, Muslim women wearing hijab can be faced with ignorance. In my experience, many stereotypes have been quickly dispelled as people get to know me. I believe my presence in the culinary world is breaking stereotypes that Muslim women are oppressed and cannot follow their passions.

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