Meek Mill Pledges to Fight Criminal Injustice, Overturn Conviction After Release

By Sameer Rao Apr 25, 2018

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania answered the prayers of Meek Mill and his supporters when it granted the Philadelphia rapper’s bail request yesterday (April 24). The court’s ruling allowed Mill to leave State Correctional Institution Chester after nearly six months of incarceration.

Public calls for Mill’s release grew after Common Pleas Court Judge Genece E. Brinkley sentenced him to two to four years in state prison last November. Brinkley grounded the ruling in various probation violations for 2008 gun and drug charges, and later denied Mill’s bail requests. The state Supreme Court’s ruling mandates that Brinkley’s court “immediately issue an order releasing [Mill] on unsecured bail."

NBC Philadelphia reports that Mill was driven out of the correctional institution to a nearby parking lot yesterday evening. There, he joined supporter and Philadelphia 76ers basketball team co-owner Michael Rubin in a helicopter, which quickly departed. 

Mill later appeared in his hometown at the Wells Fargo Arena, where the 76ers faced the Miami Heat in an NBA playoff game. He received cheers from the audience as he rang a ceremonial bell alongside Philadelphia-bred comedian Kevin Hart


rntMill commented on his release in a series of tweets. He thanked Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner for supporting his release, promised to support anti-racist criminal justice advocacy and confirmed his plans to overturn his previous conviction: 


rn reports that Mill risks additional incarceration if he does not attend future court hearings about his case. He now fights to overturn his gun and drug convictions after Krasner’s office agreed with his call for a new trial. Krasner strengthened Mill’s case for exoneration after he officially deemed former Philadelphia Police Department detective Reggie Graham, whose testimony informed the 2008 charges, an unreliable source