Medicaid Ruling Hurts Immigrants With Cancer; Black Students Still Suspended More Than Whites

By The News Sep 25, 2007

National Test Scores Rise Leaving Black and Latino Students Behind "The nation’s fourth- and eighth-graders continue to improve steadily in mathematics, and fourth-grade reading achievement is also on the rise. But progress in narrowing racial and ethnic performance gaps remains slow and in some cases has stalled." Washington Post. Chemotherapy Not Covered For Immigrants Because the federal government recently redefined the conditions under which Medicaid will cover chemotherapy, immigration and health care debates intersect to decide who deserves to be treated. MSNBC. Schools Still More Likely to Suspend Black Students "In 21 states that disproportionality is so pronounced that the percentage of black suspensions is more than double their percentage of the student body. And on average across the nation, black students are suspended and expelled at nearly three times the rate of white students." Chicago Tribune.