This Media Platform Centers POC-Created Video Streaming Content

By Sameer Rao Aug 11, 2017

Faiza Farah launched her "The Third Space" web series two years ago to highlight creators and entrepreneurs of color succeeding in the gentrifying San Francisco Bay area. She expanded that first program into Third Space Media (TSM) company, and now she has turned to Kickstarter to build it into a full-fledged video streaming platform.

"Media has dehumanized us for far too long," Farah explains in the above Kickstarter campaign promotional video. "It’s not enough to just let a few of us through the door. What we need is a multidimensional, layered and nuanced depiction of Black folks."

That understanding guides her plans for TSM, which she describes in greater depth on the Kickstarter page: 

We are not interested in quick creating click bait content. We want to invest in stories and people. This is how you really disrupt the status quo.

Third Space Media will serve as home for independent content creators producing high-quality, thoughtful and necessary stories. Formats will include short film, documentary, scripted and news content. Diversity, equity and intersectionality will function as core principles and not buzz words. The platform will not only house content. We will support the artists who have poured their souls into projects by paying them for their work, allowing them to maintain ownership and getting the content out into the world.

The campaign has raised more than $6,500 as of press time, and Farah must raise at least $80,000 by September 1 to receive all funds. The stakes are especially high considering that venture capital, which Farah told Colorlines she is also seeking, almost never goes to Black women.

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