Media Consortium Exposes War Profiteering

ColorLines and its progressive media partners cover the issues and individuals impacted by privatization in Iraq.

By Tram Nguyen Sep 07, 2006

In coordination with the release of Robert Greenwald’s new documentary, Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers, ColorLines and its progressive media partners are covering the issues and individuals impacted by privatization in Iraq. All media partners are members of The Media Consortium, a new network of leading progressive independent journalism organizations.

New Coverage on Iraq from the Media Consortium:

Joshua Holland
Bush’s Worst Pentagon Downfall: Outsourcing Torture
There couldn’t be a more appropriate symbol of the Bush era than the Pentagon outsourcing torture in the war zones of the New American Empire to profit-hungry companies like CACI.

The American Prospect
Tara McKelvey
The Unaccountables
Forget the soldiers: The 25,000 civilian contractors in Iraq are an occupying army unto themselves. Some may have engaged in torture — and, by evident design, they can’t be prosecuted for their crimes.

Pratap Chatterjee
Doing the Dirty Work
Asian migrant workers perform the menial labor on U.S. military bases in Iraq, where trafficking has been standard practice since the invasion began.

In These Times
Bill Scher
Privatized Warfare: The Summer of Discontent
It’s been a bad season for military contractors and their Bush administration backers, and the release of the new film Iraq for Sale will only turn up the heat. Bill Scher of reports.

Ms. Magazine
Martha Burk
Crude Awakening: U.S. Policies in Afghanistan and Iraq Sell Out Women in Favor of Oil
Whether supporting gender apartheid abroad, or sacrificing feeding programs for U.S. women and children at home so that ExxonMobil can get a tax break … U.S. priorities are consistent: Oil wins over women’s rights hands down.

Mother Jones
Investigative reports on contracting and corruption in post-war Iraq.