McCain Picks Gov. Sarah Palin as VP, Taco Trucks Ordinance Overturned

By The News Aug 29, 2008

Victory for LA Taco Trucks "A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge Wednesday overturned a controversial ordinance passed in April by county supervisors that made it a misdemeanor in unincorporated parts of the county to park a taco truck in one spot for more than an hour. " Los Angeles Times. "Jena Six" Defendant, Mychal Bell, Denied Football Eligibility at School "Despite impassioned pleas from his parents, attorneys and Carroll High School officials, Mychal Bell was denied an extra season of athletic eligibility by the Louisiana High School Athletic Association this morning." The New Star. SF Women Rally to Support Incarcerated NJ Lesbians of Color "Lesbians in San Francisco came together to support on of their own, a New Jersey woman they believed to have been wrongfully imprisoned following an assault in New York’s West Village." EDGE. McCain Chooses AK Gov. Sarah Palin as Running Mate A 44-year-old surprise choice, Sarah Palin is a conservative who is pro-life and opposes same sex marriage. AZFamily.