MC Hammer Says His New Search Engine Wiredoo is Better Than Google

Need a new online experience? Stop. Hammer time.

By Jorge Rivas Oct 21, 2011

Here’s one word you probably didn’t expect to come out of MC Hammer’s mouth: algorithm.

MC Hammer, the "Don’t Touch This" rapper who’s most recently been trying to get poor people to sell their gold under market value, is launching a search engine. Earlier this week, Hammer announced he’s been working with a team to develop, a search engine that’s better than Google and Microsoft’s Bing.

Hammer announced WireDoo at O’Reilly Media’s Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco on Wednesday. He described the "deep search" engine as one that includes results for related topics not just findings for the immediate keywords used in the query. is expected to launch in December 2011.