#MayDay Actions in 7 Scenes

By Sameer Rao May 01, 2017

Workers, advocacy organizations, students and disaffected peoples across the world commemorate International Workers Day, or May Day, today (May 1) with actions against discriminatory and oppressive power structures.

Those actions include dozens organized throughout the United States by members of The Majority, a coalition of organizing groups representing various communities of color and causes. Members like Asian Pacific Environmental Network, Black Lives Matter Global Network, Dream Defenders, Fight for $15 and Indigenous Environmental Network originally joined forces in March for cross-movement resistance. The Majority’s first collective 28 days of direct actions launched April 4, the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s "Beyond Vietnam" speech about intersectional threats to empowerment, and culminate with today’s events. 

Participant organizations and protesters tweeted video from these actions throughout the day with hashtags like #BeyondTheMoment (The Majority’s own hashtag) and the more-broadly-applicable #MayDay. Here are a few videos from the protests that offer perspective into May Day’s multiplatform energy:



Washington, D.C.




New York City

Visit BeyondTheMoment.org to find actions near you.