Maya Rudolph Opens Up About Being a Working Mom

By Jamilah King May 19, 2014

In the lead up to the Monday-night premiere of her new comedy special, Maya Rudolph, 41, sat down with USA Today to talk about her return to NBC. Rudolph spent seven years as a cast member of "Saturday Night Live" before leaving the show in 2007. What’s she been doing in all that time? Mostly being a mom.

Rudolph has four children with her partner Paul Thomas Anderson: Pearl Minnie, 9, Lucille, 5, Jack, 3, and a baby born in the summer of 2013. At least some of Rudolph’s new comedy series will tackle life as a working parent, including a skit about famous parents who voice the Garmin GPS navigation system. 

"I needed to do what I liked doing, workwise, and do what feels right and natural to me. It gets everything else feeling healthy. It (stinks) to be away from your kids, but when you’re working on something that makes you feel good and nourished, that’s good for your kids too," she told USA Today.

Rudolph is working in New York City while her children and partner are back home in Los Angeles. "This is a luxury," she says of her time in New York. "I hope to [move back to New York] at some point. You gotta really make it here. It’s a grind. I grew up in Los Angeles with a backyard and a pool, and it has been really (nice) to see my kids enjoying their tire swing and running around naked. I would love to live here again, no question."

Oh, and if you love her Beyoncé impressions on SNL, you’ll probably also like her renditions of the theme songs from "The Lego Movie" and "Frozen," which she revealed she has singalongs to with her kids. Sounds like an awesome mom. 

Here she is answering five questions from USA Today: