Mary J. Blige Probes Police Killing Cover-Up in ‘Body Cam’

By Sameer Rao Jun 21, 2018

Real world police killings and misuse of body cameras inspire the horror behind “Body Cam," an upcoming thriller film starring Mary J. Blige.

According to a June 20 article from The Hollywood Reporter, the film focuses on several Los Angeles Police Department officers tormented by a spirit with an unspecified connection to two crimes: the murder of a Black child by two White police officers and the destruction of body camera footage.

Blige, who earned two Oscar nominations for her work on "Mudbound," will portray one of the haunted officers. Her character’s jarring experiences compel her to investigate the cover up. Blige will work under the direction of Malik Vitthal, who tackled similar themes in the Watts-set "Imperial Dreams."