Mark Your Calendars: Trial Date Set for George Zimmerman

The journey to bring Zimmerman to justice has been a long one.

By Julianne Hing Oct 18, 2012

At a hearing on Wednesday, a trial date was announced for the man who killed Trayvon Martin. And it’s far away. George Zimmerman, the self-appointed neighborhood watchman who shot and killed the Florida teen in February will finally face his second-degree murder charges on June 10, 2013. But, writes [Los Angeles Times](,0,4297444.story) reporter Michael Muskal, there’s a chance Zimmerman could avoid a trial altogether: > Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson set the date, but the defense said there were still several issues pending, including a self-defense immunity hearing. Zimmerman has argued that he shot Martin in self-defense and acted legally under Florida’s "stand uour ground" law. > > In a later tweet, defense attorneys said they would seek a stand-your-ground hearing in April or May. If they are successful, Zimmerman would not face trial in the shooting. Trial details may be yet be uncertain, but some facts are undisputed. Martin was walking home the night of February 26 from the corner store, armed with those lethal weapons known as a bag of Skittles and an iced tea. And Zimmerman, on his neighborhood watch and armed with a gun, left his car against the directions of a 911 dispatcher he called. In a matter of minutes Martin was dead. Catch up on the details of the initial incident [here](