Marijuana Doc ‘Grass Is Greener’ Highlights War on Black and Latinx Communities

By Shani Saxon Apr 16, 2019

Weed aficionados can do more than smoke in celebration of their favorite plant this 4/20. They can also learn the history of marijuana in the United States with the release of the Netflix documentary “Grass Is Greener.” 

Artist and cannabis advocate Fab 5 Freddy makes his directorial debut with the film, which explores the cultural influence the plant has on music and art through interviews with performers like Snoop Dogg and Damian Marley. The film also digs deep into the racist criminalization of marijuana in the United States and the devastating impact it has on Black and Latinx communities.

“Marijuana, from its entry point into the U.S., has been associated with African-Americans and Mexicans,” a voice-over says in the trailer for “Grass Is Greener.” That racist association has led to Black and Latinx people being disproportionately targeted for marijuana use and possession in the criminal justice system. Even as marijuana slowly transitions into big business for some, the film explores the ways in these groups are denied access to the benefits of that growth. As Snoop says in the documentary, "We're not the war on drugs, we're fighting the war on drugs.” 

“Grass Is Greener” streams on Netflix beginning April 20. Check out the trailer below.