Mapping America: One Block At A Time (Yours Included)

The New York Times put together Census data for this exhaustive interactive map. We love it.

By Jamilah King Dec 16, 2010

We’ll just admit it: Maps make us happy. Regular readers probably already know this. A while back we highlighted Eric Fischer’s work on racial segregation in American cities. Then we got our hands on Bill Rankin’s maps on racial density. Boil it down to us being big ole’ nerds who love finding new ways of visualizing racial data. And it looks like we’re in luck again. The New York Times chalked up Census data from the years 2005-2009 and put together an interactive map showing the distribution of racial and ethnic groups on every block in America. You should try it. Just enter your zip code to find out how things look near your house. A few staffers at ColorLines mapped our neighborhoods, which you can see below. So go ahead and nerd out with us. It’s fun, we promise.

Bed-Stuy neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York

Lake Merritt neighborhood in Oakland, CA

Sunset neighborhood in San Francisco, CA

Wilshire neighborhood in Los Angeles, CA

Thanks to Oakland journalist Reginald James for the heads up.