Man Wins Lottery After Dropping Out of College to Help Single Mom

Sandeep Singh dropped out of school to work two jobs so he could help his single mom pay their mortgage. Now the 22-year-old is a millionaire.

By Jorge Rivas Oct 19, 2012

Sandeep Singh, 22, from Cape Cod, had been working two jobs to help his single mom pay their mortgage. But now he can quit both jobs because he just won the $30 Mega Millions jackpot. Singh started working when he was 14 to help his mom pay bills after his father passed away. At a press conference Wednesday he told reporters the prize money will allow him to stop working at Best Buy and Citizens Bank, and will enable him to return to college. His mother, a cook at a local resort, will also have the option of leaving her job now. When asked if there was a lucky lady in his life with whom to share his winnings, Singh said: "No lucky girlfriend, just broke up with her." "Thank god," he said before clarifying that she in fact dumped him. A reporter went on to ask Singh if he planned moving out of mom’s house now that he’s a millionaire. "We’ll probably all move–she’s a single mom, I mean, she doesn’t want to live alone so she can live with me," Singh answered. The charming $30.5 million rich Singh mentioned his mother at least a dozen times during the conference. He also repeatedly referred to his win as "our family’s" win. Singh says he’ll take the lump sum.