Making Paths at the Opportunity to Learn Education Summit

By Channing Kennedy Oct 28, 2009

This November 5-7 in Washington DC, the Schott Foundation for Public Education and its partners are presenting the second annual Opportunity to Learn Education Summit. The OTL Summit is dedicated to equalizing educational opportunities, in the face of data showing that students of color have, literally, half the chances of their white counterparts, and that this opportunity gap ingrains existing disparities in economics, health and community well-being that pull us all down. As 2008 OTL Summit speaker Dr. Gerry House puts it, "This is a no-brainer. How does the nation raise revenue? You educate and graduate all of your children." With a star-studded speaker lineup of educators, policymakers, and organizers, this summit is a must-do for anyone working to fix our education system at its fundamentals. Register today for the OTL Summit, or read more about the Schott Foundation’s work with educational disparities, here.