Lupita Nyong’o Gets a Shout Out on New Jay Z and Jay Electronica Song

It's a song that's at once questioning and celebrating black success.

By Jamilah King Mar 24, 2014

Jay Z’s never ending bootstrap logic is once again on display in his new song with Jay Electonica, "We Made It." The track is a cover of a previous song by Drake and Souljah Boy and is the second song in as many weeks from Electronica, who delighted fans with a surprise track called "Better In Tune With the Infinite" last week. 

It’s a song that’s at once questioning and celebrating black success. Electronica, calling himself the "Farrakhan of rap," praises the perseverance of black folks who’ve survived slavery but notes that "Obamacare won’t heal all that anguish." Jay Z, the fervent capitalist, touts the ingenuity of black folks like Lupita Nyong’o who’ve reached the top of their field despite America’s racism and brags, "with my arms and my feet shackled I still get paid."

(h/t Hypetrak)