Love for Tiny Mysterious Keyboard Virtuosos

This girl is a monster of Casio funk.

By Channing Kennedy May 12, 2011

This’ll be an unusual Daily Love, because I know so extraordinarily little about the subject. But the enigma, that’s part of what I love about it — not to get too Thomas Friedmanny on y’all.

So here’s the story: I had just gotten in from a sneak preview of the excellent new PBS documentary Freedom Riders (which we’ll be telling you more about next week), including a panel discussion with Freedom Rider Etta Simpson Ray. The evening was fantastic, and my mind was buzzing. So, to wind down, I decided to check Craigslist to see if anyone was selling an oud. Then I looked for instructional oud-playing videos on Youtube, to see if I could play an oud in the first place. Then I got distracted by home videos of people playing the ‘oud’ setting on their keyboards, and then a chain of related videos happened… typical Wednesday night. Anyway.

I came out of the rabbit hole with the video you see here. Which means I don’t know anything about it — I can’t read a lick of Arabic, the links are pretty inedifying, and Google Translate tells me the title is something like "Playing on keyboards fantastic." I’m not even sure of the year it’s from, if it was sitting around for a while before Youtube came along. Look, none of that matters.

What matters are the MOVES. Check out that arm wave on the break! Observe as our hero lulls you into thinking that she’s just mashing keys over a demo, and then nails two notes right in front of your face, to mess with you! Witness the trans-layer arm crossovers, and gaze in awe at (spoilers) her wicked headband-to-goalposts closer. This girl is a monster of Casio funk.

So: I don’t know anything about this video or this girl, but I do know that I’m about to cue it up in the office for the eighth time this morning. Instead, I’ll just say this. If you have a lead on contact info, please send it my way. I’ve got a wedding coming up, and we need a band for the reception.


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