The Lost Bois Talk Love, Queer Hip-Hop to Kickstart First Album

This DC duo is breaking barriers, and asking for your help.

By Thoai Lu Jun 14, 2011

Today’s love goes to The Lost Bois, who we highlighted as part of the young group of folks who are building tomorrow’s queer world last year. Now, the queer hip-hop duo from Washington, D.C. is raising money to finish their first album with a new Kickstarter campaign.

Members A.O. and B. Steady have spent the past year touring and writing. The two have been performing together for years. At 12 years old, they formed a trio called The Q Crew. The group eventually morphed into The Lost Bois when A.O. and B. Steady reunited during the summer of 2009 with, as they put it, "a fierce determination to challenge the sexist, racist, and homophobic hot-mess that is mainstream music."

The duo uses what they’ve dubbed a "sillysoulful" duo to deliver their fierce messages. Their track "Reading Rainbow" has a pop meets conscious feel. If you can’t donate, you should check out how their work embraces awkwardness and black feminism, among other things.

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