This video has been floating around for a while now in progressive circles, but it’s still useful. In it, longtime activist Loretta Ross, who works with reproductive justice group SisterSong, gives a brief history lesson on the term "women of color." It’s an important lesson, especially in light of recent attacks against the reproductive rights of women, generally, and women of color, in particular. Shani Hilton has been tracking those attacks as they’ve manifested as moves to cut Planned Parenthood of crucial federal funding, and Akiba Solomon’s voiced outrage at the recent resurgence of the black-abortion-as-genocide meme. Earlier this week, Miriam Perez outlined just where the black anti-abortion movement comes from. 

Where does Ross’s history lesson fit into all of this? It’s a powerful reminder of the sacrifices waged by women of color in times of political upheaval, and proof that self-determination was — and remains — essential to building a community of love. And as AJ Plaid pointed out at Racialicious, Ross is "an incredible activist and living historian."

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