Long Beach Police Kill Unarmed Mentally Ill Samoan Man

By Jonathan Adams May 22, 2008

H/T angry asian man There’s news of another unarmed man unjustly shot down by police. In Long Beach, CA, police shot Roketi Su’e, 46, six times to subdue the mentally ill Samoan man. The death has left many of the victim’s neighbors angry about what they call "an unwarranted assault on a shirtless, unarmed man as he lay face down on a sidewalk."

Others described themselves as furious and stunned. The largely Samoan and African-American residents are like an extended family, watching one another’s children after school or having them to dinner, residents said. Some people built a memorial Sunday on the sidewalk where Su’e was shot, covering a dark bloodstain on the pavement with flowers and candles.

We are all Sean Bell. Los Angeles Times