LIVE: Watch Protesters Shut Down the Oakland Police Department

By Aura Bogado Dec 15, 2014

A group of black activists and their allies are set to shut down the Oakland, Calif., police department headquarters this morning to protest the police killing of unarmed black people. You can watch the action, organized by Blackout Collective, live via Livestream currently being operated by @emanithegoddess:

One group of demonstrators, dressed in all black, is standing outside the station, each with a fist in the air. A group of allies, meanwhile, have chained themselves to the entrance of the police station, while another group is standing with signs and banners across the street. One activist has also hoisted a banner on the police station’s flagpole with the images of unarmed black people who have been killed–and other protestors are closing down a growing number of intersections leading to the police department.

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