Live Chat: What’s Next for White Privilege?

What should come after you check your privilege?

By Stacia L. Brown Feb 10, 2014

"White privilege." The term has become so popular over the past few years that our crack team of editors and writers at Colorlines have begun to wonder if its frequent use has lessened its impact. Has the saying, "Check your privilege" outlived its usefulness? And once those who benefit from racial privilege have acknowledged it, what are some practical next steps they can implement to level the playing field and make greater strides toward racial and social justice? 

At 12:30 p.m., host Aura Bogado (@aurabogado) will discuss these questions and others with a knowledgeable panel of activists and educators, including:

Watch live and join us on Twitter to weigh in with your own questions and comments, using the hashtag #whiteprivilegechat