Live Chat: High Stakes Activism

Four activists who've risked their livelihoods, arrest or personal safety to achieve justice talk about what fuels them.

By Akiba Solomon Sep 10, 2013

You may remember that our live chat announcement three weeks ago, in conjunction with the March on Washington’s 50th anniversary. We had to postpone that original conversation, due to technical difficulties. But good news! Today, at 12 pm EST, we’ll present our newly assembled panel and our reshaped discussion.

Our host Akiba Solomon will be talking with several members of social justice movements who risk their lives and livelihood to see economic justice and social change. In addition to discussing the valiant protest efforts of the Dream 9 and Dream Defenders, we’ll also talk about the continuing efforts of fast food workers who are striking for fairer wages and better benefits. 

Our panel includes: 

  • Luis Leon, Dream 9 activist 
  • Elijah Armstrong, Dream Defenders
  • Aarin Foster, a Subway worker and father of two who went on strike in Chicago

Connect with us on Twitter at @colorlines and on Facebook to send in questions you’d like to see addressed during the webcast! Use the hashtag #highstakesactivism during the live chat and throughout this historic weekend.

NOTE: Please reload this page if you are unable to see the chat.