Live Chat: Dear White People and Black Student Activists Talk Race on College Campuses

Black students have spoken up all over social media about campus racism. Today we're gathering together to chat about it together.

By Julianne Hing Mar 10, 2014

College campuses are rife with incidents of racial ignorance, and even plain old racism. Sadly, none of that is new. But in this post-affirmative action era, when colleges’ ability to consider race in their admissions policies is only becoming more constrained, higher education is also becoming increasingly racially stratifed. Black, Latino and Asian-American students depend heavily on community colleges and the for-profit college system, but black and Latino students in particular are underrepresented among the nation’s elite universities. It all makes for deeply racially isolated college climates. In recent months students from University of Michigan, UCLA and Harvard have launched social media-driven public conversations–#BBUM (Being Black at University of Michigan), UCLA Law School students’ YouTube video, and Harvard’s #itooamharvard Tumblr campaign–raising all of these issues.

Today at 4pm PT/7pm ET, join Colorlines, students from all three campuses, and the folks from Dear White People for a Google+ Hangout to discuss race in higher education and how social media’s stepped up the public conversation about all of it. Just click the play button in the YouTube embed above at 4pm PT/7pm ET to join us.