LISTEN: Podcast Explores How ‘Justice in America’ Really Works

By Sameer Rao Jul 26, 2018

A new investigative podcast, "Justice in America," examines how this country’s criminal justice structures routinely fail its Black, Brown and impoverished residents.


rntAn emailed statement from criminal justice-focused news outlet The Appeal says that the weekly podcast, which debuted yesterday (July 25), will illuminate a different criminal justice issue in each episode.

"Criminal justice is an issue many people care about, and mass incarceration is a popular buzzword, but there’s a wide chasm between the experiences of those involved in the system and the perceptions of those on the outside,” attorney and journalist Josie Duffy Rice, who co-hosts the podcast, explains in the podcast trailer.

She and fellow co-host, journalist and educator Clint Smith III, aim to bridge this gap by investigating the system’s various oppressive impacts. They balance this with chronicles of organizing around these issues, including advocacy around plea deals, voter disenfranchisement and cash bail. Guests like Elizabeth Hinton and Ta-Nehisi Coates will build on the hosts’ expertise.

Listen to the first installment of "Justice in America," in which the hosts and several experts discuss the cash bail system.