Listen up: Iraq war veteran talks about killing innocents and racist troops; Senate Dems lose troop pullout

By Malena Amusa Jul 19, 2007

An anti-war veteran gives us the word on the spreading cancer of war; the scourge of uranium; and racist killings of Iraqis. **** I’ve been ignoring tnews about the Senate’s debate on the pullout of U.S. troops that Democrats hoped would put an eventual end to war in Iraq. I’d just hoped for a break though, and left it alone, thinking I couldn’t afford to be so angry reading updates everyday on the proposal that got crushed this week. Sadly, Senate Democrats failed to capture the votes that would have enforced a deadline bringing troops home earlier than the Bush posse has planned, the LATimes reported today. Shortly before getting this news, I watched this video above, and made a promise to myself: no matter how much I want this Iraq problem to just go away, it really won’t happen without a full rebellion from the people on the ground like this veteran in the video and yes, us, racial justice activists.