LISTEN: Ava DuVernay Chronicles Journey from Compton to ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ on New Podcast

By Sameer Rao Feb 15, 2018

Filmmaker Ava DuVernay takes listeners on a journey through her past and present in the debut episode of "Edge of Fame," a new podcast from The Washington Post and WBUR FM

The episode, which was released today (February 15), pulls from DuVernay’s conversations with The Washington Post arts reporter and podcast host Geoff Edgers about a range of topics related to her upbringing and path through the entertainment industry. DuVernay relates stories of growing up in Compton, entering Hollywood as a publicist and making the series of films that led to her next big budget project, "A Wrinkle in Time."

She also discusses her views on equity in the entertainment industry. In one passage, she discusses the #MeToo movement and the systemic change she hopes it will inspire in Hollywood.

It feels like a top coat being scratched off of something that has so many layers. Replacing, what, 20 guys? Make it 100 guys. That does not solve what the issue is, which is the really deep-seated ignorance of [White male gatekeepers’] privilege in the systems that benefit them at the expense of other people: women and people of color, right? How is the whole system being interrogated? How are we unpacking what the core issue is? Because [if you don’t do that], you won’t have true change, you’ll just have some transition, right?

The podcast episode accompanies a feature published by The Washington Post today. Listen to the full episode below.