LISTEN: ‘Aftereffect’ Recounts How Institutions Fail People With Disabilities

By Sameer Rao Jun 21, 2018

Arnaldo Rios Soto‘ nightmare was far from over when North Miami police officer Jonathan Aledda shot Charles Kinsey—a Black behavioral therapist working with the autistic young man—in 2016. The shooting, which was actually directed at Soto, left him traumatized. He was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric ward and eventually placed in a group home with a history of abuse.

WNYC Studios’ new podcast, "Aftereffect," chronicles Rios Soto’s life both before and after the shooting to paint a picture of how the government, health facilities and law enforcement too often fail people—particularly those of color—with developmental disabilities. 

Listen to Kinsey tell the story of his relationship with Rios Soto in the first episode of "Aftereffect," which premieres today (June 21):