Liquor companies over-expose Latino audiences to beer ads

By The News Jul 16, 2007

It didn’t take long to find a cheesy Coors beer ad aimed at a Latino audience. Watch this. Check out this recent report "Exposure of Hispanic Youth to Alcohol Advertising, 2003-2004" by a Georgetown research organization. It’s messed up how the market moves. Here are some bits at glance:

"’If you’re going to succeed in the beer business,’ you have to succeed in the Hispanic market." – Dow Jones Newswires, quoting Paul Mendieta, Molson Coors Brewing Co. director of Hispanic marketing


The findings from these analyses show that Hispanic youth, like youth in general, are exposed to substantial amounts of alcohol advertising on a per capita basis and that in several instances the exposure of Hispanic youth exceeds that of youth in general on a per capita basis. * In 2004, compared to all youth, Hispanic youth ages 12 to 20 saw 20% more alcohol advertising per capita in English-language magazines than youth in general. * In those 20 markets in 2004, three brands – Beck’s, Budweiser and Coors – exposed Hispanic youth to substantially more radio advertising per capita than youth in general. * On television, alcohol advertising appeared on 14 of the 15 programs most popular with Hispanic youth in 2003 and 2004, up from 12 programs in 2002.

See full report here.