Linda Sarsour: ‘I’m Every Islamophobe’s Worst Nightmare’

By Kenrya Rankin May 30, 2018

Muslim Palestinian-American organizer Linda Sarsour is no stranger to controversy, but as she breaks down in a video for Quartz’s How We Win series, she’s baffled as to why her very existence seems to cause a stir.

“I think when a lot of people see me, and I’m a Muslim woman, and I’m super progressive, and they think that I’m some sort of anomaly, they think that there is only one of me in the world. But in fact, there are many, millions of Muslim women who are just like me,” she says. “We are not shattering stereotypes per se, we are just being us, and being ourselves and just existing in this world as Muslim women.”

In the video, posted May 29, the Women’s March co-organizer also talks about the event that pushed her into activism, the inspiration she draws from “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” and why she is “every Islamophobe’s worst nightmare.” Watch above.