Life Expectancy Gap Widens Between Rich and Poor; Exxon Valdez Remembered

By The News Mar 24, 2008

Life Expectancy Gap Continues to Widen New government research has highlighted income and education as key indicators in determining life expectancy. Racial disparities like access to health care were also named in the report as factors. New York Times. Asian Women Form Philanthropic Circle The only pan-Asian, all-women philanthropic group in the nation, the Asian Women’s Giving Circle works to provide capacity to underfunded Asian American organizations. Asian Week. Study:Whites Underestimate the Cost of Being Black $5000: The cost that white volunteers of a study said they would need in exchange for being born Black. The test is one of dozens performed by social psychologists that reveal whites’, "misunderstanding and ignorance about black costs and white privilege." Washington Post. Alaskan Natives Never Forgot Exxon Valdez On the anniversary of the oil spill, Native communities are skeptical of oil companies’ claims that drilling in the area is the least intrusive, and they are looking to fix deals that have exposed their community and industry to major health risks and impacted their traditional way of life. Thetyee. New Jersey Immigration Directive Draws Scrutiny After an order that allows police to inquire about an immigrant’s status, many worry that the rule will affect an immigrant’s willingness to contact authorities. Though the order allows an inquiry upon arrest, many immigrants are reporting that they are harassed upon any contact with police, like in a routine traffic stop. New York Times.