Lee Daniels Honored by the Family Equality Council

By Qimmah Saafir May 15, 2015

Filmmaker Lee Daniels was recently honored by the Family Equality Council — an organization created to advocate for LGBTQ families — at the council’s 10th annual Night at the Pier.

The director of “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” and co-creator of TV sensation “Empire,” adopted his incarcerated brother’s twins, adding father to his long list of titles.  

“Empire” stars Taraji P. Henson and Jussie Smollett presented Daniels with the award. Smollett, who is gay and also depicts the openly gay member of the Lyon family on the show, made remarks about his real father-son dynamic with Daniels.

I now know what it means to have an amazing, gay father. He’s made me more of a truthful man."

Henson also said a few words, expressing appreciation for Daniels’s work. 

I want to thank you, Lee, for using your talent for changing lives and allowing people to be who they are.

According to ETOnline, Daniels was elated by the honor. He spoke about those who have influenced him personally and as a father. He also shared that the twins helped him end a life of addiction stating, "I was not saving them, they were saving me. Since then, I’ve been sober."

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