Latinos Lack Board Representation, and Other News

By The News Jul 03, 2009

Latinos, People of Color, Lack Board Representation A new report released by the Greenlining Institute revealed that, though a quarter of all board directors out of the 46 of the largest independent foundations in the U.S. are people of color, 28 percent of the foundations do not have a single person of color on the board, and more than half of the foundations do not have a Latino director. Vegas Mall Faces Discrimination Lawsuit In Las Vegas, the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace are in the midst of a four-year long workplace discrimination lawsuit alleging that Latino janitors employed at the mall experienced harassment from their supervisor. Immigration Law Under Scrutiny in Salt Lake Following an incident perceived to be racial profiling, leaders of the Latino community in Salt Lake City are challenging a new immigration law, formerly Senate Bill 81, which allows officers to ask drivers about their legal status after committing a traffic violation. LGBT and Latino Communities Link Up For Naturalization Efforts In several cities across the country, the Human Rights Campaign is partnering with the "Ya Es Hora" Campaign to help 1 million Latinos with legal permanent residence to attain their citizenship in 2009 and 2010.