Latinos Fear False Numbers On Census

By The News Mar 20, 2009

Latinos Wary Of Misleading Numbers On Census Latino advocacy groups are concerned that widespread foreclosure rates hitting communities of color will affect 2010 census data. Washington Post. Blacks Wait and See On Stimulus Money In North Carolina, civil rights groups and political observers wonder whether the $6.1 billion in state stimulus money will be used to jump-start small businesses, especially in Black communities. Wilmington Journal. Horrible Health Care At Detention Centers Immigrant rights advocates called for a halt to the detention of ‘non-dangerous migrants’ in response to a report detailing medical abuse of detainees. Miami Herald. Lou Dobbs Apologetic For Comments, Somewhat CNN news anchor Lou Dobbs apologized for ‘mis-speaking’ earlier this week while standing by the gist of his inflammatory statements against immigrants, Mexico and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. SF Gate.