Latino Web Users Challenge Verizon

Verizon's not the only one who can make persuasive ads.

By Jamilah King Oct 29, 2010

Not too long ago Verizon unveiled a new ad campaign called "Rule the Air." But the company’s message that it was giving users full reign over their Web presence seemed suspect considering its recent partnership with Google. In July, both companies proposed a joint policy proposal that embraced some long held tenets of net neutrality, the principle that all Web traffic should be treated the same. But they left out one important factor: mobile wireless, which is largely heralded as the future of the Internet, particularly for black and brown users.

Media Literacy Project (MLP), a New Mexico-based Internet advocacy group, recently posted a response ad with a catchy name of its own: Free the Air. In it, several Latino Internet users in Albuquerque talk about how powerful it is when they’re able to dictate the terms by which they connect (Full disclosure: my partner works at MLP, and produced and directed the video).

Net neutrality is one of the long-dormant issues that the next Congress is supposed to tackle after the election. But even that doesn’t look promising.