Latino Lawmakers Ask Activists To Support Census, and other news

By The News Jul 06, 2009

Latino Lawmakers Urge Activists Not To Boycott Census In Southern California, Rep. Linda Sanchez, along with several Latino lawmakers, are making efforts to stop a boycott of the 2010 Census by immigrant rights activists who are trying to persuade Congress to completely overhaul the current U.S. immigration policy. Washington Panel To Address Education Gap The Washington Legislature has established the Achievement Gap Oversight and Accountability Committee, whose objective is to create a teaching module that would help teachers with their ‘cultural competence’ and work better in diverse communities. Korean Grad Student Researches Own Roots Joy Hoffman researched the effects of white families adopting Asian children from 1971 to 2001. Hoffman, herself a Korean adopted child of white parents, found that Asian children tend to be more successful if encouraged by their adoptive parents to explore their ethnicity.