Latino “Hate Gang” Charged for Crimes, and other news

By The News May 22, 2009

Latino "Hate Gang" Charged for Crimes Five indictments charged nearly 150 members and associates of the Varrio Hawaiian Gardens, a Latino street gang which had targeted its racist attacks towards Hawaiian Garden’s Black residents. Mercury News. Immigrant Arrests Made At Courthouse ICE agents have made numerous arrests of undocumented immigrants at the immigration court in downtown Los Angeles. While authorities argue that they are reinstating previous orders, immigration lawyers believe the agents are disregarding the legal process. LA Times. Push for Pro-Immigrant Legislation To Unite Families Senators Menendez (NJ), Gilibrand (NY), Kennedy (MA), and Schumer (NY) introduced the Reuniting Families Act, which would assist legal immigrants in reuniting with their undocumented relatives and put an end to lengthy waiting periods for legal immigrant visas. South Florida Caribbean News. First Black Female Rabbi To Lead White Congregation Alysa Stanton, the first Black woman ever to be ordained as a Rabbi will also be the first Rabbi to lead a majority white Jewish congregation. The Hebrew Union College believes the significance of Stanton’s ordination is testament to the diversity within the Jewish community. CNN News.