LAPD Latinos Surpass Whites; Jackson: Election Example of “Maturing America”

By The News Feb 20, 2008

Civil Rights Leader Jesse Jackson Comments on Presidential Election At Bishop L.E. Willis’ Annual Community Leaders Lucheon, Jesse Jackson said that, while both Clinton and Obama have his “support,” Obama has his official endorsement. During his speech, the president of the Rainbow Push Coalition called the election a “maturing of America.” Human Rights Advocates Gather in Geneva to Address U.S. Racism Activists from organizations like the U.S. Human Rights Network of Atlanta will gather in Geneva on Thursday and Friday to talk about U.S. violations to the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. Institute for Southern Studies. Asians Emerge as Swing Voters in White House Race Sources note that if the presidential election is close this year, the often “overlooked” 14 million Asian-American population may play a decisive role. AFP. Latino Officers Are Now LAPD’s Majority Despite January’s statistics in the Los Angeles Police Department where there were 3,787 Latino officers and 3,770 white officers, there still isn’t an adequate number of people of color and women in high-ranking positions. Daily Breeze.