LA Times Sells Ad Space on Front Page

By Jorge Rivas Apr 09, 2009

Everyone is making a big deal about the LA Times selling ad space promoting a tv show on the front page. A few months ago this wouldn’t have been acceptable but as newspapers across the country begin to crumble, ‘tough times call for tackeyness.’ What’s more interesting to me is that the LA Times gave this show a bad review and even called it out for having an almost all white cast… and no one is talking about that. Mary McNamara, television critic for the LA Times writes: "the pilot seems to prefer a more narrow and predictable slice of Los Angeles, one in which a mostly white police force takes on the crimes of the city’s grittier (read: mostly nonwhite and immigrant) neighborhoods. " She goes on to say "Why there’s only one person of color in the main cast of cops and detectives is beyond strange, and that sets up, at least in the pilot, a regrettable color line between the good guys and the bad guys."

Why isn’t anyone talking about that?