La. Politics More Than Black and White; KKK Makes a Comeback

By The News Nov 24, 2008

No Longer Black and White Politics in Louisiana Vietnamese-American Republican Candidate Ahn "Joseph" Cao hopes to be elected to Congress and represent Louisiana’s predominantly-Black 2nd Congressional District. Running against popular African-American incumbent William J. Jefferson, Cao introduces a new face to what has been a typically Black and white political history in the state. Los Angeles Times. Marks of ‘Change’: Renaming Places After Obama ‘Change’ indeed happened for a school in Hempstead, New York. Ludlum Elementary school has been immediately renamed Barack Obama Elementary, preceding what figures to be a wave of name changes throughout the nation. The Chicago Tribune. Racist Attacks on the Rise Post-Election Hundreds of racist incidents have occurred Barack Obama’s election on November 4th. The most prominent and disturbing response has been the reorganization of the Ku Klux Klan, sadly signaling that the voice of white supremacy has still yet to be quelled in America. Los Angeles Times. Kids of ‘Katrina’ Still Suffering A recent study by Columbia University and the Children’s Health Fund reveals that children relocated to FEMA trailers in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina are suffering from a wide range of health problems, further suggesting that recovery measures since the disaster are far from over. New York Daily News.