LA Black-Brown Conflict Exaggerated; Taser Coverage Missed Race

By The News Oct 01, 2007

Los Angeles Race Wars Exaggerated Gregory Rodriguez editorializes about what he calls, "Anglo race fatigue," and the mainstream media’s attempt to shift race from white people to, "new players." Los Angeles Times. Barack Gets Backing From Black Entrepreneurs Looking to break barriers of his own, Barack Obama is seeking the help of rising black business owners to fund his campaign. New York Times. Clarence Thomas Talks Race With ’60 Minutes’ Thomas talks about his role as the sole Black member of the Supreme Court and his goals to silence race and remove affirmative action from America’s laws. CBS News Media Misses Race In Taser Talks The use of tasers on Florida college student brought the weapon into the national spotlight. But many coalitions in cities across the country were already protesting the disproportionate use of Tasers on people of color. New America Media.