Kwame Kilpatrick Pleads Guilty, San Francisco Holds On Resident IDs

By The News Sep 04, 2008

Mayor Stalls ID Cards for S.F. Immigrants Gavin Newsom, mayor of San Francisco, is holding off a program to offer identification cards to all city residents regardless of their immigration status as city officials review the sanctuary policy. San Francisco Chronicle. Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick pleads guilty, resigns "Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick pleaded guilty to felony charges Thursday in a sex scandal and will step down after months of defiantly holding onto his job leading the nation’s 11th-largest city. He was ordered jailed for four months and fined $1 million." Associated Press. Still Without Power, New Orleans Residents Return Home "With thousands of residents stacked up at entrances to this city, impatient to return home after evacuating for Hurricane Gustav, Mayor C. Ray Nagin shifted course Wednesday morning and ordered an immediate lifting of barriers blocking their entry." New York Times. Immigration Issues on Some State Ballots Since both presidential candidates are not talking about immigration, now the battles in November will be fought on ballots in Oregon, Missouri and California. Associated Press.