KOKUMO’s Gorgeous ‘There Will Come A Day’ Will Melt Your Heart

A transgender woman from the South Side of Chicago, this new singer is someone to watch.

By Jamilah King Sep 16, 2013

The fallout surrounding DJ Mister Cee’s very public grappling with his sexuality has opened up an important conversation about the invisibility of transgender women and the shaming of the men who date them. Over at Black Girl Dangerous, we meet KOKUMO, a transgender singer who was raised on Chicago’s South Side and has a beautiful new song out called "There Will Come A Day" about one woman’s fear of coming out to a new lover.

In an interview with BGD’s Mia McKenzie, KOKUMO says the following: "I propose cis black people put down their bibles and pick up their trans children. That book can’t die of AIDS, assault, or loneliness. But we will. We have."

Read the entire interview over at Black Girl Dangerous