KKK Scrawled on Signs in Maine; Study Reveals Diversity in Chinese Community

By The News Nov 25, 2008

Study Presents Complex Portrait of Chinese Americans "The Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA) and the University of Maryland on Nov. 12 released the most comprehensive report on Chinese Americans to date. The study, "A Portrait of Chinese Americans,” shows that the Chinese community in the United States is very diverse, and is becoming increasingly polarized socio-economically." New America Media. ‘KKK’ Markings Stir Concerns in Maine "While on a regular walk along the Kennebec River Rail Trail, something caught Steve Wessler’s eye. ‘KKK’ can be seen written in red and black on 15 to 20 signs along the trail." WCSH6 Junot Diaz On ‘Becoming American’ "The solitude of being an immigrant, the solitude of having to learn a language in a culture from scratch, the need for some sort of explanation, the need for answers, the need for something that would somehow shelter me lead me to books." NPR. FBI: Attacks Against Latinos on Rise "Attacks on Hispanics grew 40 percent from 2003 to 2007, outpacing the estimated 16 percent increase in the Hispanic population in the U.S., according to FBI statistics. Over the same time period, the total number of hate-crime incidents reported nationwide has remained steady." Newsday.