Kim Kardashian, Big Boi and the Celebrity Outcry to Save Troy Davis

Kim Kardashian surprised many by telling her 10 million followers she believes Troy Davis is innocent, joining other high profile figures who've added their names to the cause.

By Jorge Rivas Sep 21, 2011

The countdown to the execution of Troy Davis has entered its final hours today. High profile figures ranging from former President Jimmy Carter and Pope Benedict XVI to R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe and Outcast’s Big Boi pledged their official support to Amnesty International’s campaign early on to save Davis from execution but also to spread awareness.

A surprising array of personalities have also tweeted about Troy Davis in the most critical hour. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian was one of those personalities to surprise everyone for speaking out. "Everyone google Troy Davis & read his story! NO ONE should die by lethal injection when there is this much doubt! Help save #TroyDavis," Kardashian tweeted to almost 10 million followers.

Below you’ll find a mix of celebrities, elected officials and writers tweeting about Troy Davis– take a look and leave a comment if we missed someone. Is there’s someone you were hoping would speak out about this tragedy that’s remained silent?

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