Killer Mike Educates Bill Maher On The Peaceful History Of Hip-Hop

By Qimmah Saafir May 18, 2015

Michael Render aka Killer Mike continues on his path as a strong advocate and spokesperson for hip-hop and racial justice. Render has appeared on numerous media outlets to give his take on both subject matters, his latest being “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

When asked what he says to people who “link crime and violence to rap music,” the rapper began his response with simply, “I say you’re stupid.”

Render then educated Maher and the panel on the history of hip-hop’s roots in peace and unity as an alternative to gang violence, as well as the difference between rap and hip-hop.

What [hip-hop] did was give poor kids the opportunity to organize as an alternative to violence.… Every time you see a successful rapper, you’re seeing a job creator in a community.… Let’s start with the real violence starters…”

Watch the video above. Render’s response begins at the 9:40 mark.