‘Kikis With Louie’ Gives LGBTQ Community Tips for Surviving Police Encounters

By Sameer Rao Jan 04, 2019

Lincoln Mondy previously said that he co-created "Kikis With Louie," the YouTube series he directs through Advocates for Youth, "so that LGBTQ youth across the country can see people who look like them doing the necessary work to unpack stigma, identity, mental health and other topics that we’re often told to bury."

Mondy did that work on-camera in yesterday’s (January 3) episode about police violence in Black and other communities of color. In it, Mondy chronicles a traumatic personal experience with police and offers five strategies for handling similar encounters.

The YouTube description also links to tweets from My Story Out Loud—Advocates for Youth’s storytelling project for LGBTQ and HIV-positive youth narratives—that puts numbers to the violence law enforcement acts out on LGBTQ people of color: