Katrina anniversary nearing, what to do…

By Malena Amusa Jul 27, 2007

You know all this Senate and presidential talk about protecting our national security just seems like one big, unfunny joke as our nation’s top leaders fail to see post-Katrina recovery as an issue of security. Luckily though, a lot of people aren’t having it, like surprisingly, all types of media that’s reported many stories about redevelopment scandals in New Orleans, broken hospitals, and schools, and permanently displaced lives. Today, I got a letter in my inbox, forwarded from AlterNet, about Habitat for Humanity’s campaign to put fire on the Senate’s buns over Katrina. Check this out:

The Senate can – and should – take immediate steps to improve post-disaster support that’s so critical for low-income families and their children. Will your Senators? Take one minute to urge your Senators to put better policies in place. Housing problems afflict a full one-third of Americans, whether it’s poor-quality shelter, unmanageable payments, or overcrowding. When a disaster strikes, and families are displaced, these issues can quickly spiral out of control.

I know many of you who spend lots of time online often feel you’re not doing enough, that your words aren’t reaching far enough. Well click here, and find out how to talk to the people we elected for change. By no means is sending a letter to your Senator perfect progress, but it’s a good starting point. What say you?