Justice For Jazz Artists! [VIDEO]

By Channing Kennedy Sep 30, 2009

From JusticeForJazzArtists.org:

Justice for Jazz Artists! (J4JA!) is a campaign started by jazz musicians at AFM, Local 802 to bring benefits to musicians who work in jazz clubs in NY State. In 2006, the NY State Legislature repealed the sales tax on admission to small venues. At the time of the laws passing, many of the major NYC jazz clubs supported it. But when those same club owners were asked to divert forgiven tax dollars towards musicians benefits programs, they balked. Join the effort to convince NY State club owners to do the right thing. This video documents a live concert of J4JA! Artists at AFM, Local 802 in NYC on August 17, 2009 and interviews with some of the musicians. Musicians who performed in support of J4JA! included: Jimmy Owens, Bob Cranshaw, Bernard Purdie, Reggie Workman, Randy Weston, Benny Powell, Junior Mance, Bertha Hope, Keisha St. Joan, Rudy Lawless, Marion Cowings, Vinnie Knight, Andy Schwartz, and Pedro G. Libert. New York City jazz musicians deserve a retirement like anyone else. Sign our petition to help them earn pension payments from NYC jazz clubs — at no cost to the clubs or musicians.