Justice Dept Deals, Doesn’t Prosecute Corporations

By The News Apr 09, 2008

Justice Dept. Puts Off Prosecuting Big Corporations In addition to its disregard for civil rights, the Justice Department, that has historically been responsible for bringing down big companies, avoided prosecuting more than 50 corporations in the last three years. New York Times. ICE Program Gives Phoenix Sheriff and his ‘Posse’ Free Reign NYT editors highlights Michael Chertoff’s 287(g) program that has given county sheriff, Joe Arpaio, the power to create a 3,000 member "posse" to raid Latino neighborhoods and check residents’ papers. Armed with guns, television cameras, and even airplanes, this sheriff continues to terrorize communities with the endorsement of the federal government. New York Times. Farmers Say It Doesn’t Pay to Conserve With federal mandates to turn large amounts of corn into ethanol-based fuel and rising food prices, farmers that once received government subsidies to conserve land are rejecting those payments to take advantage of booming cash crops. New York Times.